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Securing Your Festive Season: Avoiding Common Security Mistakes at Home During the Holidays

Ken Rigel

Ken Rigel comes from true pioneer stock and was born and raised on a small farm in southern Alberta, where he learned the value of honest hard work.Te...

Ken Rigel comes from true pioneer stock and was born and raised on a small farm in southern Alberta, where he learned the value of honest hard work.Te...

Dec 15 4 minutes read

The holiday season is bustling with festive activities, from shopping to decking the halls, but it's essential to stay vigilant as burglars also gear up for increased activity during this time. Sources indicate a surge in residential break-ins during the holidays that could have been avoided with simple precautions. Let's safeguard your holiday spirit by exploring some common security mistakes and rectifying them promptly. 

During the festive season, home break-ins are a common concern whether you're present or away. Learn about potential security oversights that could leave your house vulnerable to burglaries

Resist Sharing Holiday Plans on Social Media

Avoid posting your itinerary on social platforms, as it may reach unintended viewers, including potential intruders. Consider RSVPing via phone instead of responding to event invitations on social media.

Avoid Displaying Christmas Trees in Windows

 While your festive tree is a delightful sight, avoid placing it prominently in front windows. This prevents showcasing expensive gifts to passersby, reducing the temptation for burglars.

Unloading Packages in the Driveway

Park your car in the garage when unloading holiday packages to minimize visibility. Stay cautious of individuals potentially following you home and ensure your car is locked while swiftly moving packages inside.  

Not Making Your Home Look Occupied

An empty driveway coupled with a dormant appearance in the home signals an easy target for burglars. Consider enlisting help from neighbors to create activity around your home while you're away, using timers for lights, and halting mail and newspaper deliveries.

Leaving Notes on Your Door for Couriers

Avoid leaving notes on your door for delivery companies. Instead, communicate delivery instructions directly with the shipping company to prevent broadcasting your absence.

Putting Packaging on Display at the Curb

Dispose of packaging from expensive items discreetly. Cut up boxes and conceal them in opaque trash bags to avoid advertising valuable purchases.

Hiding a Key to Your Front Door

Resist the temptation to hide a spare key outside. Instead, consider installing a keypad lock and share the code with trusted friends or family members, changing it regularly.

Not Locking Your Windows

Ensure all windows are securely locked, as unlocked windows can be easy entry points for intruders.

Running Electrical Cords Through Windows and Doors

Avoid running extension cords through windows or doors, as this creates potential entry points for burglars.

Asking Uninvited Visitors Into Your Home

Be cautious of uninvited guests, especially during the holiday season. Exercise discretion when welcoming strangers into your home, ensuring they remain outside while retrieving items or treats.

By addressing these security measures, you're actively safeguarding your home during the festive season!

Some of the content for this article was curated from Bob Vila's blog. 

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