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Calgary's June Boom: Timing Your Sale for Maximum Profit

Ken Rigel

Ken Rigel comes from true pioneer stock and was born and raised on a small farm in southern Alberta, where he learned the value of honest hard work.Te...

Ken Rigel comes from true pioneer stock and was born and raised on a small farm in southern Alberta, where he learned the value of honest hard work.Te...

May 20 1 minutes read

As Calgary thaws from its winter chill and the local real estate market starts sizzling hotter than a Stampede pancake breakfast, sellers are getting their homes ready, hoping to score big. It seems that in the game of home selling, timing plays a role as important as location. Indeed, homes listed in early June tend to fetch higher prices. A recent Zillow analysis focusing on 2023 home sales found properties listed in the first two weeks of June sold for an impressive 2.3% more. Now, in Calgary dollars, that's not just a drop in the hat.

Why does putting your home on the Calgary market in early June boost your chances of a higher sale price? Let's break down the reasons:

1. Peak Buying Season in Calgary

In Calgary, as in many places, June is a prime time for real estate transactions. After shaking off the winter blues, Calgarians are eager to find their next home sweet home. This eagerness often leads to multiple offers and even bidding wars, particularly in popular neighborhoods like Kensington or Bridgeland, driving prices up and putting a smile on sellers' faces.

2. Calgary's Weather Advantage

Early June is when Calgary truly shines. The weather is perfect—not too hot, not yet invaded by the smoke from forest fires—making it an ideal time for buyers to explore homes and neighborhoods. Plus, your garden and landscaping are likely at their peak, enhancing curb appeal. Nothing says ‘buy me’ like a well-manicured lawn under a clear Calgary sky.

3. Emotional Summer Vibes

Summertime brings about a sense of change and new beginnings for many in Calgary. The promise of BBQs in the backyard or enjoying a cool evening watching the sunset from a new porch taps into buyers' emotions. Listing your home in early June means capturing that summer dream, framing your property as the perfect stage for new memories.

4. Leveraging Market Momentum

In real estate, momentum matters. When the Calgary market heats up, and news spreads of homes selling fast and for good prices, buyers are conditioned to move quickly. A June listing capitalizes on this momentum, encouraging potential buyers to jump at the opportunity to purchase in Calgary's competitive market.

5. Standing Out in the Crowd

Though summer is a hot season for listings, the early part of June in Calgary often sees less competition than the spring. Sellers aiming for an early-year sale have come and gone, leaving room for your property to shine. Listings are less diluted, making your home more of a hot commodity among Calgary buyers.

In conclusion, while the typical advice is ‘location, location, location,’ when it comes to selling your Calgary home, timing is equally key. An early June listing aligns with peak buying season, takes advantage of beautiful weather, pulls on buyers' heartstrings with summer dreams, rides the wave of market momentum, and faces less competition. This strategic timing could lead to the successful and lucrative sale of your home. So, when thinking about the best time to list your Calgary home, remember, June is much more than just rodeo season; it's your opportunity for a stellar sale.

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